The Bad News

So with all this Good News from God you must be wondering if there is any bad news.  Yes, there is some bad news for some people.  First, for those who want to try to work their way to heaven by being good, the Bible has some bad news.  We can never work hard enough or be good enough to merit God's reward of eternal life in Heaven with him. (Is 64:6)  The only way to be saved is through faith and by God's grace towards us as we admit that we are undeserving. (Eph 2:8-9)

The Bible also has some bad news for those who would like to get to Heaven but do not want to believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  John 14: 6 says that Jesus is the only way to God the Father.  Acts 4:12 tells us that there is no other name by which we will be saved.  Without faith in Jesus Christ, you are an enemy of the Almighty God who is a just God who can not let sinful men into his holy Heaven. (John 5:23, Col 1:20-22)

There is more bad news for those who hear the Good News and refuse to accept it before they die.  Those who choose not to put their faith and trust in Jesus as their Savior from sin and death, they are also choosing to live all of eternity after their physical, earthly death in a painful place of burning and separation from God.  The unsaved must pay for their sins with everlasting death because of their refusal to accept Jesus' free gift of forgiveness they could have had by just believing in him. (Romans 6:23)

Won't you put your faith in Jesus Christ today?