The Sin Cure

God has always had a plan to redeem his children and bring us back to himself. (Ephesians 3:9-11, Genesis 3:15),  His plan was to send his Son, Jesus, The Messiah, to shed his blood to wash away our sins.  The coming of Jesus as payment for our sins was predicted in detail in the Bible centuries before Jesus was born.  Jesus had to come and die for our sins because it is only by the shedding of blood that sin can be washed away. (Col 1:14)   Jesus died for our sins once and for all, saying "It is finished" right before he died meaning that we do not have to give more blood sacrifices every time we sin. (John 19:30)  If we take Jesus as our Savior and put our faith in what He has done for us and our sins, God our father no longer sees our sins or our  righteousness (which is as filthy rags) but instead he sees the perfect sinlessness of his Son. (Isaiah 64:6, Philippians 3:9)  So although all of us are sinners, we can be set free from our sin through Jesus' sacrifice of his life for us. (Romans 3:10-12, 1 John 4:10).  We are saved from sin, death with eternal separation from God and the traps of this world if only we trust in Jesus Christ, our mediator between us and God.

Won't you put your faith in Jesus Christ today?