Moms Changed by Jesus

Would you like to do your part in telling others of the life-changing love of Jesus Christ?  If so, leave a comment below of your testimony of how Jesus changed you or leave a link to your testimony.  Thank you for participating in spreading the Good News to every creature!

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B said...

I've been a Christian since I was a young girl. In 1998, I married my husband. We both worked full time (except when I attended LPN school) but in the spring of 2006 my husband was seriously injured on the job. We thought he would have surgery and be well again but due to conditions beyond our control, it was 2 years before he had surgery and could walk again without a walker or a wheelchair. Backing up to 2007, my husband was injured but I was working and had benefits such as health insurance. Out of the blue (16 days notice), God blessed us with the adoption of a brand new baby. We brought home our little girl at 2 days old. I worked 1/2 days for a while and intended to continue this indefinitely as per arrangement with my boss. Unfortunately (or so I thought), my old boss left and my new boss said come back to working 40 hours or leave. My husband and I talked about it, and we both knew I needed to be home. I didn't wait my entire life for this precious bundle only to have to work 40 hours a week and not be able to be with her. So I QUIT! We had no health insurance (baby did) and our income had already dropped considerably with my husband receiving only Worker's Comp checks. If fact, our overall income was decreased by 2/3rds. But we trusted God and have never looked back. We've always had enough money to pay the mortgage and buy food. Oh, we've struggled, but God has ALWAYS provided. This baby was a miracle and my life is forever changed by how she came into our lives, as well as how God has provided for us. We're expecting our 2nd miracle (another newborn) adoption at the end of summer. I'm still in awe of how HE orchestrated the delivery of my first daughter to us and now we have another miracle to tell others about. Our daughters are great witnessing tools! :) We've been so blessed.